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You should be proud of yourself, you have let yourself love and be loved.  Unfortunately this time it hasn’t worked out, that won’t always be the case though, dealing with this break up will make you stronger for your future relationships.  Eventually you will recover back to your normal self; probably even better than your normal self with a newly found confidence and love for life again.

After a relationship break up it is a good time to reflect on your life and re-evaluate what Happiness after a break up - Over it your free break up guideyou want from it, it might be hard to see now but is worth thinking about.  The reason I say this is because it gets you focusing on the future and more importantly your individual future without your ex, remember you were fine before you met them so you will be fine now.

Evaluate your goals – It’s good to have goals, whether it is saving for a holiday abroad to travelling the world for a year or maybe a complete career change.  Goals help us focus and give us drive and you may already these, so apologies if I am preaching to the converted.  But now is the perfect time to follow your dreams, do what have you always wanted to do, use your newly found time to concentrate on your dream.  Travel the world, become a pilot, start your own fashion business nothing is impossible in this world. You now have time to make your dreams happen.  The world, as they say, is your oyster, enjoy!

If you are lacking in inspiration after your break up, as I was, why not think about one of the following?

Travel  – “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Ever thought about travelling, well now is your chance, go for it.  Travel can be a life affirming, eye opening experience. And don’t worry about going alone, I personally think it’s better to travel alone; you have no restrictions and can embrace every opportunity.You can pick up an around the world flight for as little £900 now days, with 4 or 5 stops included. Hostels are cheap and affordable accommodation and not to mention they are great fun and a really easy way to meet people. You will find that everyone is in the same boat and you definitely won’t be only person travelling alone.

I used a company called Hostelbookers who make it really easy to book a hostel and it very cheap.  I stayed in a hostel in Australia with a swimming pool, you wouldn’t beleive it was a hostel it was so nice.

Can’t afford to travel? – Yes I know it would be lovely to have the money to drop everything and go, with enough money in the bank to not worry about anything.   But for most of us this just isn’t possible, so what about a bar job or just part time in a supermarket on top of your normal job.  You have the time to do it now; if you’re not too busy socialising of course with the added bonus of meeting new people.

Part time jobs can be rubbish, however if you have a goal  (travelling round the world) it becomes a lot easier , you know once you have the money your off having a great time.

Career –When you experience a break up it can have a really positive effect on you, as you start to re-evaluate your circumstances.  Not being in a relationship opens you up to all manner of opportunities.

Not in your dream job – Why not?  There is no better time than to concentrate all of your efforts on applying for your dream career.  If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything and being single gives you more time to achieve your goals.

You could even go abroad to find your dream job the opportunities are endless, go for it, you only have one life enjoy it!

New experiences – After my break up I booked an 11 week course to become a snowboard insructor in Canada, its something I have always had an interest in and thought it would be a good way to improve my Snowboard skills, not that I had any, and also meet like minded people.  I had a great time and met some amazing people who I will stay friends with for a long time, this was my dream, Im sure you have your own dreams and now is the time to follow them!

Dating again after your break up – After your break up and all that heartbreak, and you want to try again? Good for you!!  Why not, by now you are probably unrecognisable from your former self, your ex probably wouldn’t recognise the new you.

More confident, happier and with a new found love for life, who wouldn’t want you (we all know it’s not that easy) but hopefully this time will bring you the love you deserve.  And if not, you got through a break up once before which means you can do it again stronger and more confident in yourself than before.

After a relationship break up the whole dating game can seem pretty daunting, well not to worry it’s easier than ever to meet people.

Online dating – Its funny there still seems to be a stigma around online dating; people think that you will laugh at them if you say you met someone online.  A couple I know started dating and make a really good couple but didn’t tell anyone they met online until about 6 months into the relationship as they thought we would laugh at them.

I suppose it is because it is seen as being slightly more clinical and in dating terms is very new for us humans but some of the best couples I know met online; it makes sense really, as you can check out their hobbies interests etc in the comfort of your living room. Instead of trying to pull with a fuzzy head from too much alcohol, for some reason they never look the same in the morning. There are a few good dating website around here are just a couple, who I have found to be pretty good:-

Match Affinity
Speed Dater

Dating for Parents
The great thing about online dating is that you can chat with the person by email or MSN first, giving you a better idea whether you want to meet in person.  The other good thing is that there are so many people out there using these websites you are bound to find someone that really suits you.  Go on give it a go; what do you have to lose.  Have fun and good luck.



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