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Best Self Help Books

Self help books can be a really big help in staying positive and understanding your own feelings and emotions and sometimes they are all you need to get you out of your hole.  They can change your perceptions and the way you may think about certain things.  I am lucky to have a friend who is currently writing her own self help book and asked if she could recommend any books that may help on this website to help positive thinking and understanding as she has read most of them.   She highly recommends the following books.

I have read a couple and would highly, highly recommend both of Paul Mcgee’s books below S.U.M.O (Shut up move on) and also Self Confidence. I don’t really suffer with confidence problems, but at a previous job I had an idiot boss who really knocked it out of me, after reading these books I came to realise it was her insecurities and incompetence was her reason for bullying her staff. Anyway these books are really good and I have really benefited from them.

The best breakup book I have read is The Break-up Workbook (aimed at women) its a very detailed breakup help recovery book and has some great recovery exercises in there, definitely worth a read!

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  1. anna harford says:

    Very helpfull site-thank you. please may i tell you my breakup story, met at 14 yrs. looked after love by 17(hopelessly). finaly got to go out at 20, first and only lover.engaged ,future planned. then he got another woman pregnant and married her.i stayed single no family life or children -true to my love ,for 27 years,no contact. then he came back.thought all my dreams come true. engaged again ,went to live in gretna green. violence,cruelty abuse of every kind but i still kept hoping. was not allowed to work and lost all family and friends. finaly when my money ran out he has run off with another woman and left me alone batling ovarian cancer in scotland. have managed to move, am trying to start again ,but the pain is unbearable because he has cut me off totaly,no breakup and even left all his things.would prefer to stay in touch so i can hold on to some loving feelings,even tho he is with another.spent all my life loving him.cant bear being cut off. dont want to see him because he is violent cruel and abusive,yet i still feel commited to loving him through thick and thin.he took out revenge on me for his wife’s infidelity,and running off with another man.sorry its so long.from anna.

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